Cancellation Policy

Learn How to Help and Save Lives

When registering for a class I agree to the acceptance of terms and conditions: By checking the checkbox on the registration form I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to be bound by the Give-A-Hand CPR, LLC, cancellation policy when registering for this class.

Give-A-Hand CPR’s refund policy is set up in a way to provide maximum opportunity for us to train those who need CPR training. Signing up for a class and not attending denies another student a chance to receive certification. Because slots are limited and we understand people’s schedules change, we created an easy and simple cancellation policy: We will refund any cancellation made 72 hours before class start time on the given class you have signed up for. We will not refund for those cancellations made within 72 hours. To cancel a class, please call 623-856-5000